Course Description: This course is 100% approved by the North Carolina Office of EMS.  Successful completion of this course will meet ALL REQUIREMENTS FOR NORTH CAROLINA Recredentialing and/or Re-entry* in the NC EMS System. 

*Re-entry:  Re-entry is the term used when a North Carolina Provider has allowed his/her credential to expire.  As long as the credential has not been expired for more than 4 years, he/she may complete an approved refresher course and then sit for the state credentialing exam.

Course Delivery/Design:  This course has been designed such that students may enter and exit the course at various times throughout the year. The nature of the course allows students to complete the Refresher course whenever their schedule will allow without being forced to wait for scheduled courses that may not be convenient or may require multiple visits to long distance sites. Students will have access to instructors and support throughout the entire course through e-mail, text, or telephone. Students will be required to schedule an in-Person skills evaluation and Technical Scope of Practice with Southeastern Emergency Equipment’s Training and Education Center.

Course Learning Objectives: This course exceeds the DOT Refresher Guidelines and is designed to refresh the knowledge and skill-set of EMTs.


National Registry Disclaimer:  This course includes and EXCEEDS the required 48 hours of DOT Refresher Material.   The National Registry has a policy on “Distributive Education” and the use of those hours to meet CE requirements.  According to the NREMT Refresher Requirements a total of 22 hours (10 refresher and 12hr of the additional 24hr) of “Distributive Education” may be used.  Make sure you are aware of this policy and apply the hours you receive through this course appropriately.  

Common Questions Regarding the NREMT:

Is this course considered “Distributive Education” by the NREMT?
Our Response:  We have not been able to obtain a definitive answer in writing.  If there is any question, we would err on the side of counting the course as Distributive Education.  However, we believe in the integrity and quality of our courses and have been fighting for equality in Online vs. Traditional classes for over 14 years.  We have a validation process for each hour we give credit for and comfortably stand by those hours and the rigors of our programs.

Here are the facts as outlined on the NREMT’s Website for FAQ.

According to the NREMT’s FAQ website question #9 to be considered “Valid Continuing Education” the course must be approved through the “…State EMS office and/or the Continuing Education Coordinating Board of Emergency Medical Services”  
Our Response:  This course is 100% approved by the North Carolina Office of EMS.

According to the NREMT’s FAQ website question #11; “If an instructor and student are able to interact in real time, the hours are not considered distributive education and are not subject to distributive education limitations.”
Our Response:  Students and instructors may contact each other via telephone anytime there are questions, the instructors may hold study sessions or classroom hours via virtual technology, and all skills sessions are held in person.